Welcome To Divastyle Haircare TreatmentAfter trying for years to find the right regime for my hair, after a bad braiding experience at a hair salon, after noticing that my edges were thinning and, finally, after feeling the pain and even noticing blood on my scalp, I had enough, and I decided it was time to teach myself basic braiding techniques. It started as a hobby and a way to help my scalp rest from some improper styling techniques and from the urge of putting chemical in my hair. But I was still looking for the proper haircare technique for my hair.

After years of struggle dealing with 4C hair, I started realizing that it didn’t matter how much products I was feeding my hair; I was still unable to style it other than with braids. It’s only after years of issues with chemical treatments and braids that I developed a passion to find the right way and a more natural way. The setting up of this natural hair store/salon has fulfill my passion and ambition to serve and help others through proper haircare and good regime for each specific hair need. My goal is thus to provide a unique service to women, men and children by offering personal haircare, trichologist services for hair lost as well as for hair care education. I myself dealt with hair loss due to anemia and I know first-hand that losing your hair is a very challenging situation. The stress of noticing your hair falling out and thinning is overwhelming. So I decided that I wanted to help each individual facing hair loss with the proper care and lift one’s self-esteem with information on how to care for and maintain one’s hair.

I am also trained to use the Sisterlocks technique and I am offering it for those who want more flexibility and less maintenance. On this site, you will find the best products on the market for natural hair. When you buy something from this website you can rest assured that you will find the proper information about each product.

We know each product we are selling and will be able to help you make the right decision for the right products for your type of hair.



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